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Pure Distilling Beer Me 30L Heated Fermenter


Pure Distilling Boil-A-Beer 30L Boiler

Pure Distilling Boil-A-Beer 30L Boiler

They have a concealed 2000W element – this means that mash won’t stick to the element, and they are much easier to clean. The yeast cells wont burn and release off flavours.

They are of a quality stainless steel, with a dome lid and a brushed finish. The base will also stay cool, so you can place it on any surface. It comes with a 2m cord built in, so there is no safety issues with extension cords, and no need to spend extra either.

The lid has a 60mm hole pre-cut in the centre, which allows the steam to escape easily when boiling, and can easily be fitted with an airlock by inserting a 60mm bung. The dome lid is strong and sturdy, and has a replaceable, moulded silicon seal and is held on by sturdy clamps.

The best news about the new Boil-A-Beer Boiler is the extra safety devices. It has a lit on/off switch and a complete boil dry system, with a boil dry reset button for complete safety to your client and their home. No risk of these boilers ever boiling dry and starting a fire.

Ideal for mashing, fermenting or boiling your beer.

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