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Pure Distilling High Yield conversion kit


Pure Distilling enjoy extra alcohol and faster run times

Pure Distilling High Yield conversion kit

1) Remove your existing tap from your still.

2) Unscrew your copper output tube from your existing tap. (Don’t remove the entire fitting, just the nut and tube like the above photo)

3) Remove the nut and olive from your new High Yield taps’ brass fitting and put aside.

4) Screw the output tube onto your new High Yield tap. Do not over tighten – it just needs to be nipped up.

5) If it seems like your old tube wont screw nicely onto the new fitting, you will need to change your existing nut and olive as well. Cut your output tube just to the left of the existing olive and remove the nut. Slide on the new nut and olive and tighten the nut by hand, then use a spanner to tighten it just 2 full turns extra.

6) Make sure the big hole you can see outside the brass fitting is still pointing upwards like in the photo.

7) Refit the tap to your still and you are ready to go.

8) Make sure that you output tube is sloping slightly downwards from the tap.

9) You MUST follow the new instructions to get the benefit of the tap. (See back page)

10) Enjoy your extra alcohol and faster run times!

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