ESB Brewing Supplies is Sydney’s only distributor of home brew products.

We stock over 2000 different products!

We have been and are the choice of many Craft Brewers and Home Brewers over the last 27 years.

ESB Brewing Supplies is one of Australia's largest home brew wholesalers and through our retail stores trading as “The Brew Shop” we are also one of Australia's leading  Home Brew Shops. We carry the largest range of Beer Malt, Hops, Beer Concentrate, Wort Kits and Beer Making Equipment of anyone in Australia.

We manufacture and import Home Brewing Ingredients and equipment including:

  • ESB Fresh Wort Kits
  • Finest Round range of wort kits.
  • ESB 3kg and 1.7kg range of beer concentrates
  • Castle Malts from Belgium
  • Hop Pellets from Europe and America
  • Taps and Beer Dispensing Equipment from India and America
  • American Barley Mills
  • White Labs yeast from America

We assure our customers that they are receiving the best A Class approved products every time. We deliver Australia wide on a daily basis. We keep all major brands in stock at our warehouse to assure that no matter how big the order, all items are delivered quickly and without hassle to you.

We stock brands such as:  Wyermann, Castle Malting’s, Simpsons, Joe White, Best Malts, Briess Malt,  Whitelabs, Fermentis, Mangrove Jacks, Danstar, Black Rock, Morgans, Coopers, ESB, Beermakers, Muntons, Tooheys, Still Spirits, Edwards Essences, Samuel Willards, Essencia, Copperhead, and Spirits Unlimited.  You name it, we've got it!

As the leading Home Brew Shop in Sydney, our mission is to continuously provide our customers with the upmost respect, satisfaction of excellent price, professional service and prompt delivery Australia wide. Our success enables us to have dedicated team committed to the quality and reliability of the products and services we offer. Having spent the last decade earning a solid reputation with companies and individuals throughout Australia, we are pleased welcome you to our company and our web site. Should you wish to submit independent feedback compliments & complaints are wholeheartedly accepted?

Please note we are manufacturer and distributor of home brew products and only sell to the general public through our Web Site

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