Galaxy Hops 100g

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Our Galaxy Hops 100g provides prominent passionfruit, peach and citrus zest aromas ideal for IPA and Pale Ale brews. Harvested in Australia, these hops augment your beer with a unique tropical, fruity flavour. Maximise their essence by adding during the final 15 minutes of your boil or during dry hopping. Perfect for both professional brewers and homebrew hobbyists, Galaxy Hops 100g promises a brew that stands out.

Embark on a flavour journey to outer space with Galaxy Hops in this delightful 100g package. The unique characteristics of these hops will set the base for a robust brew, making for an out-of-this-world brewing experience. This innovative hops variety offers a quirky twist on traditional brewing, propelling your brews into a new universe of taste.

Bred from Australian hop cultivars, Galaxy Hops 100g stands out with its intense tropical and bitter flavours, making it a natural choice for bold and adventurous brewers. With its distinctive passionfruit, peach, and citrus characteristics, it's a fantastic addition to any brewing recipe, making it the galactic secret of excellent brewing worldwide.

Galaxy Hops 100g is excellently versatile, making it a top choice for a variety of brews. Whether enhancing your Pale Ales or adding a cosmic twist to classics like IPAs and Stouts, these hops deliver an exhilarating taste exploration. Notably, the bold fruity flavours shine through in hop-forward styles, ensuring a brew that's as intriguing as it is gratifying.

Introducing a few examples of Galaxy Hops 100g in action — it's frequently the star ingredient in outstanding Single Hop IPAs, showcasing the variety's intense fruit and citrus characters. For a more comprehensive taste experience, blend it with hops like Amarillo or Cascade to conjure a multi-tiered taste sensation, much like a galactic starburst.

So, why Galaxy Hops 100g? The answer is simple. The unique quality and flavour profile of this hop variety add an incredible freshness to your brew, taking it from ordinary to extraordinary. With a high alpha acid content of 11-16%, these hops provide the perfect balance of bitterness and aroma, giving your beers a unique depth and complexity.

Moreover, our Galaxy Hops are carefully packaged in 100g units, providing enough quantity for experimental small-batch brews or a special addition to larger batches. Galactic in flavour, earthly in its sustainability - the small packaging reduces potential waste, assuring quality and freshness at each use.

Unleash your galactic explorer and dive into the world of extra-terrestrial brewing with Galaxy Hops 100g. An exciting hurdle itself, standing as a guard of high-quality brewing and a true testament to Australian innovation in hop cultivation. Ideal for any bold brewer, these hops offer a universe of possibilities, providing a cosmic dimension to your brewing journey. Whether you're an expert brewer or simply starting, trust in Galaxy Hops 100g to skyrocket your brewing experience. Conquer the brewing universe, one brew at a time with Galaxy Hops 100g!

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