Pride of Ringwood Hops 100g

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Pride of Ringwood Hops are used in most Australian beers. Interesting hop aroma, and good general purpose hop that can be used in any beer.

Hop pellets come vacuum packed in a light-proof, resealable bag.

Pride of Ringwood Hop Pellets


Product origin: Australia


Bred in Australia as a cross between the English hop Pride of Kent and a Tasmanian wild hop. There are some conflict dates of when it was released (1958 vs. 1965), but when it was released, it was known worldwide as the highest alpha acid hop variety.

Strong citrus aroma. ”Strong” is a descriptor that is used a lot when it comes to Pride of Ringwood hops. Robust, coarse but not unpleasant. It appears to have a distinctive aroma and flavor.


Alpha Acid: 7.5 to 10%


Typical Usage: Bittering mainly, but can also be used for aroma


Beer Styles: Australian lagers and sparkling ales, and used widely in the Australian Beer Industry. Very good flavour and aroma. Popular in ales and stouts.

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