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We offer the most complete range of products for your homebrewing needs. We’ve designed this page so you can browse through our stocks with ease. Find the most reliable equipment and high-quality ingredients for your next brew.

For beginner kits to advanced home brew kits online, we are the company you can trust. We have been operating from the same address for over 30 years. Since the start, we have provided both beginner and avid homebrewers with supplies they can trust. In 2012, Beer and Brewer Magazine awarded The Brew Shop the ‘Best Home Brew Shop’ award.

We are pioneers. The Brew Shop is one of the first companies in Australia to provide homebrewing tools. Throughout our history, we’ve been promoting the activity. Homebrewing gives customers a unique chance to create wonderful beverages that are unavailable in stores.

We continue to expand our inventory to enable you to source your homebrew equipment kits and ingredients with ease. Our most recent catalogue offers over 2,000 products for your every homebrewing need. We’re sure you’ll find something that’s perfect for your needs. We keep stocks in warehouses so we can get your orders to you in no time.

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If you love beer, you can use flavourings to your heart's desire. Follow recipes or be more adventurous with what you add to your brew. Start creating the best beers you will ever have with The Brew Shop.

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