Samuel Willards Gold Star Big Cat Bourbon

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Samuel Willards
Discover the smooth flavour of Samuel Willards Gold Star Big Cat Bourbon – a must-try for bourbon enthusiasts. Crafted with precision, it boasts of rich, distinctive notes of malt and honey that set it apart. Perfect on the rocks or for mixing in your favourite cocktails. Experience this satisfying Australian interpretation of a classic American spirit. Indulge in the bold experience Samuel Willards delivers. Drink responsibly. Always.

Discover the indulgent pleasure of Samuel Willards Gold Star Big Cat Bourbon, a golden nectar steeped in tradition, straight from the heart of Australia. This is not just any bourbon - it's an embodiment of untamed refinement. Setting a new convention in the world of spirits, Big Cat Bourbon has the power to pique even the most discerning palate's interest with its wild allure.

Imagine a bold elixir, perfected with distinctive notes of vanilla, charred oak and a whisper of caramel, bellowing forth each time you uncork the bottle. Big Cat Bourbon is carefully crafted to cater to a wide range of uses, be it in warming winter cocktails, or savoured neat for a quiet evening by the fireside. Its exceptional smoothness makes it the perfect accompaniment for an evening immersed in the rich tapestry of flavours that Australian cuisine has to offer.

Picture a balmy Australian night, where a gathered crowd is mesmerised under the starlit sky, while sipping on decadent Big Cat Bourbon cocktails. An oak fired BBQ sizzles in the background, filling the air with tantalising smells. Straight out of this scene you have the "Outback Old Fashioned," a modern twist on a classic, combining Big Cat Bourbon, a touch of simple syrup and bitters, garnished with a smoky BBQ'd orange slice. Prepare yourself for a sensory experience that blends all that we love about Australia in a single sip.

In the whiskey Whirlwind, where Scotch and Irish whiskeys, American bourbon and Japanese whiskies thrive, Samuel Willards stands apart, renowned for its Gold Star Big Cat Bourbon, whose intense yet smooth flavour creates a unique sensory journey, captivating bourbon aficionados locally and globally.

Choosing Samuel Willards Gold Star Big Cat Bourbon isn't simply about choosing a beverage; it's choosing a lifestyle, an experience. Never doubt that this audacious and impeccable bourbon, matured in charred white oak barrels, broaches the divide between the old and the new, bringing a long-standing whiskey tradition into modern relevance.

His deep roots in Australia's spirited heritage, coupled with a relentless pursuit of perfection, have given birth to a Big Cat Bourbon that is not only gorgeously approachable but dangerously charismatic - a must-have in every connoisseur's collection. Set yourself apart from the pack, trust in the prowess and finesse of Big Cat Bourbon.

Dive headfirst into the amber depths of Samuel Willards Gold Star Big Cat Bourbon and you won't look back. Because once you've tasted this golden nectar from Australia's heartland, stepping back into the commonplace will never be the same. Embrace the wild within you with Big Cat Bourbon. Taste the tradition, savour the sophistication.

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