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Thomas Coopers Preacher's Hefe Wheat


Belgian style, bright hary gold,soft texture, banana andclove aromas, smooth creamy white head, refreshingly tart finish.

It may come as a surprise but as well as being a brewer Thomas Cooper was also a lay Preacher. This was all above aboard. In the mid 1900s the Methodists praised the brewing of beer as a respectable trade, which “provided the working man with good, wholesome malt liquor.”

Today the working man’s prayers are answered with this Belgian style wheat beer. It’s a bright hazy gold with soft texture, banana and clove aromas, smooth creamy white head and refreshingly tart finish. Of course, if you’ve already tried it, we're preaching to the converted. 

  • Colour : 65 EBC
  • Bitterness : 340 IBU
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