Voyager Malts - Atlas

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Voyager Malt
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Unleash the potential of your homebrew with the Voyager Malts - Atlas. This light, continental style pale malt offers a fresh, subtle complexity without the heaviness or color of traditional malts. Ideal for crafting specialty lagers and light ales, the Atlas malt is sourced from the premier barley variety Latrobe, grown by the esteemed Kite family in the Western Riverina of NSW, Australia. Endowed with high extract and fermentability, it's also a popular choice among craft distillers. Uncover the refined flavors of the Voyager Malts - Atlas and elevate your brewing experience.

Experience the transformative taste and unrivaled quality of the Voyager Malts - Atlas. This unique grain product, crafted with ingenuity and a passion for exceptional beverages, was designed to serve as a distinctive style of continental pale malt, ideal for specialty lagers and lighter ales. Voyager Malts - Atlas distinguishes itself from traditional pale malt, offering a refreshing, subtle malt complexity that adds depth without overwhelming body or colour.

Harness the benefits of this versatile product, sourced exclusively from low protein La Trobe variety barley. Experience an upgrade in your brew with the high extract and fermentability attributes of Voyager Malts - Atlas. With its wide popularity amongst craft distillers, this malt type could be the secret ingredient that takes your ales and lagers to the next level.

The key features of Voyager Malts - Atlas include:

1. Unrivaled Quality: Crafted in the fertile soils of the Western Riverina of NSW in Australia on the 4th generation family farm ‘Bugong’ Binya, the authenticity and quality of this malt are unmatched.

2. High Extract & Fermentability: With an extract over 81%, this malt enhances brew potency while promoting a smooth, pleasing finish on the palate.

3. Optimal Friability: A friability rating of over 87% guarantees this malt will seamlessly integrate into your beverage enhancing the nuances of its flavour profile.

4. Enhanced Protein Content: A protein content between 10-12% adds body and depth to any brew, enhancing overall taste and experience.

5. Extensive Diastatic Power: An elevated diastatic power of over 200 promotes efficient conversion of starches into sugars, ensuring a well-balanced brew each time.

In summary, Voyager Malts - Atlas is more than your average grain – it's a revolution in malt quality and versatility. Not only does it elevate the taste and aroma profile of your lagers and ales, but it also adds unprecedented depth and body to every sip. Embrace the change, enrich your brews, and experience the exceptional quality of Voyager Malts - Atlas today.

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