Lallemand Voss Kveik Yeast

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Experience the true taste of Norway with our Lallemand Voss Kveik Yeast. Sourced from traditional Norwegian farmhouse strains, this high-quality yeast delivers a neutral flavor with gentle hints of orange and citrus. Thanks to its high flocculation, you can enjoy clear beers without the need for filtration or other process aids. With an optimal fermentation temperature range of 35-40°C, taste traditional brewing at its finest, all from the comfort of your own home.

Introducing Lallemand Voss Kveik Yeast, a high-quality yeast product by renowned brand Lallemand. Originating from Austrian manufacture, this product boasts a longstanding tradition of quality and craftsmanship for the most discerning brewer. With the inclusion of the LalBrew Voss strain, obtained from the celebrated Norwegian brewer, Sigmund Gjernes, Lallemand Voss Kveik Yeast stands as the epitome of authentic, traditional Norwegian farmhouse brewing.

Enjoy a plethora of benefits with Lallemand Voss Kveik Yeast. This product's exclusive formulation and application ease support a wide range of fermentation temperatures between 25 - 40°C, providing flexibility and freedom in your brewing process. Not only this, but its optimal range of 35-40°C ensures swift fermentations, often reaching full attenuation within 2-3 days. Offering a neutral flavor with subtle, nuanced notes of refreshing orange and citrus, Lallemand Voss Kveik Yeast allows the beer's natural character to shine through. Its high flocculation also ensures clarity in your final brews, eliminating the need for filtration or process aids.

Key features of the Lallemand Voss Kveik Yeast include:

  • Fast Fermentations: The strain is optimized to work in a wide temperature range, achieving full fermentation usually within 2-3 days.
  • High Flocculation: The yeast clumps together at the end of fermentation, making for clear beers without any need for filtration.
  • Neutral Flavor with Citrus Notes: While largely neutral, the yeast does contribute subtle fruity undertones of orange and citrus to the brew.
  • High Alcohol Tolerance: The yeast can tolerate up to 12% Alcohol By Volume (ABV), making it ideal for stronger beer styles.
  • Austrian Made: Manufactured in Austria under stringent quality controls, the yeast promises freshness and effectiveness in every packet.

In summary, the Lallemand Voss Kveik Yeast is an exceptional choice for brewers seeking to experiment with flavors while delivering a clear, high-quality brew. This product's speedy fermentation, high flocculation, subtle citrus notes, and high alcohol tolerance coupled with its Austrian origins make it a perfect asset to any brewer's toolkit. Experience a truly Scandinavian brewing tradition mold with modern brewing techniques with the Lallemand Voss Kveik Yeast.

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