Voyager Malts - Heritage Ryecorn

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Voyager Malt
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Presenting the Voyager Malts - Heritage Ryecorn, an exclusive choice for the true grained enthusiast. A grain of heritage, this Ryecorn provides an earthy rye bread aroma, paired with a toasty, biscuit-like sweetness and a classic dry, spicy finish. This smaller, darker seed, grown solely on Voyager's Australian farm, carries a unique blend of wild and early commercial Ryecorn varieties. Available in limited quantities, Voyager Malts - Heritage Ryecorn is a testament to Voyager's commitment to quality and taste. Experience the taste of tradition with every pour.

Introducing the Voyager Malts - Heritage Ryecorn by Voyager Malt, a unique grain product boasting unrivalled quality and flavour. Sourced directly from Australia, this product comes with a rich heritage and a captivating story behind it. Resurrected from a mix of wild and early commercial Ryecorn varieties from a neighboring farm, this product showcases the hallmark of Australian agriculture - resilience.

The Heritage Ryecorn delivers multiple benefits for buyers. First, purchasing this product supports local agriculture and boosts the Australian economy. Secondly, the quality of the products is guaranteed because it carries the Voyager Malt brand, a trusted name in the market. Lastly, this local grain adds a unique flavor to your culinary endeavors, ensuring an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

The Voyager Malts - Heritage Ryecorn outmatches its competitors through its key features. A standout feature is its rich flavor profile. It offers an earthy, fresh rye bread aroma, combined with a toasty/biscuit-like sweetness, ideal for creating artisanal bread or craft beers. Its classic dry, spicy finish adds to its depth and complexity, taking your culinary creations to new highs.

Secondly, this product boasts a high extract content, indicated by an extract (fine dry) figure of >80% and a high Diastatic power of >200. These indicate that sugars are effectively extracted from the grain during brewing, emphasizing its efficiency and its usability in craft beers or spirits production.

Thirdly, its protein content ranges from 10-12%. This is another mark of its quality, highlighting the robustness of the grain and its potential contribution to your dietary protein intake.

Fourthly, this Heritage Ryecorn features a smaller, more profound seed size. This not only adds to its uniqueness but also grants it a darker hue than modern conventional Rye. Thus, you are buying a grain that carries a slice of history.

In summary, the Voyager Malts - Heritage Ryecorn is significantly more than just a grain product. It is a slice of Australian farming history, brought back to life on our farms. This product is a must-have for those who value quality, local produce. But its benefits extend beyond its superb flavor and high-quality aspects. It bears the testimony of a revived tradition, a legacy that left its imprint on these humble grains.

Above all, it’s a flavourful adventure that demands to be savoured. So, embark on a unique gastronomical journey with Voyager Malts - Heritage Ryecorn, and let its story and flavor resonate with you. Unravel the taste of Aussie heritage, one grain at a time.

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