Voyager Malts - Vienna

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Voyager Malt
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Experience the rich, toasty depth of Voyager Malts - Vienna, a high-kilned malt perfect for crafting malt-forward beers. Its bright orange/golden hue and biscuit like flavour make it a versatile base for your brewing needs. Locally sourced and made in Australia from the finest Schooner barley and offered at a competitive cost, it's a perfect addition to your brewing pantry.

Introducing "Voyager Malts - Vienna," an exquisite grain product from the renowned Voyager Malt brand. Sourced from the heart of Australia, this exceptional grain is ideal for lovers of malt forward beers. With a cost-effective this top-quality Vienna malt is perfectly poised to revolutionize your brewing endeavors.

Immerse yourself in a world of enticing beer flavors with Voyager Malts - Vienna. Boasting a traditional ‘high-kilned’ malt, this high-quality product features an enticing bright rich orange/golden hue and nuanced toast/biscuit characteristics. This makes it an excellent base choice for crafting malt-forward beers that stand out from the crowd. Courtesy of its high final cure temperatures during kilning, this malt offers a deeper aroma and flavor than the common base malts.

Here's a closer look at the key features of Voyager Malts - Vienna:

1. Impressive protein content: With protein content weighing in at between 10-12%, this malt offers an excellent nutritional base for your beers.

2. Superior diastatic power: Sporting a diastatic power of more than 140, this malt delivers unrivaled high conversion potential.

3. Excellent apparent attenuation limit: Featuring an apparent attenuation limit (AAL) of 130, it guarantees absolute value and excellent performance in your brewing.

4. Vibrant color variety: Get more from your beer with the attractive 9-12 EBC color range of the Voyager Malts - Vienna.

5. Outstanding extract (fine dry) value: With an extract (fine dry) value of over 78%, this malt is a top performer when it comes to efficiency in brewing.

To sum up, Voyager Malts - Vienna is your go-to grain for the creation of memorable malt-forward beers. With an impressive and superior profile of key brewing parameters, an inviting aroma, and beautiful golden coloration, this high-kilned malt, the product opens up a world of brewing possibilities for the discerning brewer. Get your hands on this cost-effective, top-tier malt grain and elevate your brewing experience like never before. Embrace the Voyager journey with Voyager Malts - Vienna, and let your taste buds embark on an unforgettable beer adventure.

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