Voyager Malts - Winter Wheat

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Voyager Malt
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Experience the authentic taste of Australia with "Voyager Malts - Winter Wheat". Sourced from Binya's hard winter wheat, this high-protein grain ensures excellent foam and head retention in your brews. Its sweet, bready, and slightly nutty flavor adds depth and complexity to traditional wheat beers. With its 10-20 mins saccharification time, this grain is easy to work with and ensures a superior brewing experience. Upgrade your brewing game with our Winter Wheat grain today.

Introducing the "Voyager Malts - Winter Wheat" from the reputable Australian brand, Voyager Malt. This premium grade grain is a versatile addition to your brewing needs, offering an outstanding base for a plethora of beer styles.

The key to a perfect brew lies in the quality of your ingredients. With the Voyager Malts - Winter Wheat, get access to a multitude of benefits including a robust flavour profile, a smoother consistency, superior foam and head retention, and a refined brewing experience. This particular grain is exclusively derived from hard winter wheat grown in Binya, Australia and boasts higher levels of protein compared to other wheat varieties on the market.

Dive deeper into the remarkable features of this product:

1. **High Protein Content**: As a grain with 12-14% protein levels, it gives your beer exceptional foam and head retention. Moreover, the high protein content ensures excellent enzymatic potential, contributing to a smoother fermentation process and a fuller body of beer.

2. **Complex Flavor Profile**: The Voyager Malts - Winter Wheat brings a unique combination of sweet, bready, nutty, and slight biscuit flavor. This adds depth, body and complexity to your traditional wheat beers, elevating them to premium levels.

3. **Exceptional Extract Yield**: With an extract yield of >81%, this malt assures you optimal utilization in your brewing process.

4. **Quick Saccharification Time**: Expect fast saccharification within just 10-20 minutes, making your brewing process more efficient.

5. **Australian Grown**: Proudly sourced and created in Australia, this malt adheres to the highest quality and manufacturing standards.

In summation, the Voyager Malts - Winter Wheat is a fantastic addition for brewing enthusiasts seeking to experiment with new flavors and blends. It impressively balances depth, complexity and utility, delivering high performance at a cost-effective price, this product is all set to bring you return on investment. Take your brewing experience to the next level with the Voyager Malts - Winter Wheat. Embark on a voyage of brewing brilliance with Voyager Malts - Winter Wheat.

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