Lallemand New England Yeast

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Discover the flavour potential of your home brewing with Lallemand's New England Yeast. This high-quality, ready-to-pitch, American East Coast style yeast is perfect for creating fruity and tropical notes in your ales. Simply rehydrate before use and add to your brew. Lallemand's yeast offers consistent performance with a wide range of brewing styles. Enhance your brewing and taste the difference with Lallemand New England Yeast.

Discover the exceptional qualities of Lallemand New England Yeast, the secret ingredient behind your beautifully crafted homebrews. From the first hint of its distinctive flavour profile to the last lingering aftertaste, this yeast is setting new standards for craft beer enthusiasts across Australia and the globe. By choosing Lallemand New England Yeast, you're choosing a product steeped in history and refined by modern brewing innovation.

Suited to a wide range of beer styles, the Lallemand New England yeast is particularly renowned for its proficiency in creating superb New England IPA’s or NEIPA’s. This advanced yeast cultivates a diverse array of harmonious flavours, producing a unique blend of fruity esters and hop biotransformation compounds. The result is a complex, full body beverage featuring rich tropical tones, smoothly balanced by a delicate, creamy finish.

Picture sipping on your customised brew, a pint of smooth, hop-accentuated beer bursting with vibrant notes of mango, peach and apricot, and trace hints of coconut. Thanks to the versatility of this yeast, it isn't a dream - this is what you can achieve with your next brewing endeavour. Whether a beginner or a seasoned brewer, recipes utilising Lallemand New England Yeast consistently yield spectacular results.

So, why does Lallemand New England Yeast stand above the competition? The answer lies in its superior performance and flavour characteristics. With a high flocculation capacity and moderate to high alcohol tolerance, this yeast adapts to various brewing environments with ease. Additionally, its impactful ester profile is the key to the yeast’s striking flavour contribution. Lallemand yeast, backed by a century of expertise, ensures a fermentation process that is as hassle-free as it is effective, every single time.

For those seeking superior-quality yeast to create exquisite craft beers, look no further. Lallemand New England Yeast delivers brilliance in every batch — from fermentation through to the final, unforgettable sip. This yeast's unique palette profile, adaptability and consistent performance make it the brewer's yeast of choice. Embark on your brewing journey with Lallemand today and unlock new horizons of flavour in your crafting endeavours.

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