Voyager Malts - Veloria

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Voyager Malt
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Experience the distinct flavor of Voyager Malts - Veloria. Specially crafted as the ultimate single malt for summer pale ales, Veloria leverages the rare Schooner variety, evoking older English varieties. This Australian-made malt boasts a golden color, excellent head retention, and a rich toasted honey sweetness. This unique combination of features, crowned by its distinctive Schooner flavor, immediately gained Veloria significant recognition in the craft brewing community. Get ready to elevate your craft beer game with Voyager Malts - Veloria.

Introducing Voyager Malts - Veloria, an exquisite masterpiece from the reputed Voyager Malt brand. This product hails from Australia, renowned for its high-quality malt production and this product does not fail to follow that standard. Voyage Malts - Veloria is designed explicitly for craft brewers and beer enthusiasts keen on creating delectable brews, particularly summer pale ales. We've meticulously crafted this malt to provide brewers the ideal single malt with unique and desirable qualities.

The Voyager Malts - Veloria, uses the rare Schooner variety, bringing you characteristics usually synonymous with older English varieties. First and foremost, it emanates a golden hue that's a delight for the eyes. Moreover, it boasts superior head retention, which is sure to please your palate.

Key Features:

-The Voyager Malts - Veloria, when extracted finely and dried, provides over 78% efficiency, making it an economic choice.

-Experience a clean yet rich toasted honey-like sweetness, subtly enhanced by the lower attenuation of the Schooner variety.

-It's characterized by an apparent attenuation limit (AAL) of 87%, making it a highly fermentable malt.

-The malt's saccharification time ranges between 10-20 minutes, ensuring a faster brewing process.

-With a diastatic power of over 150, this malt promises high enzymatic content facilitating starch to sugar conversion in your brew.

-It contains a protein percentage ranging between 10-12%, ensuring firmer head retention and mouthfeel.

Voyager Malts - Veloria malt offers a beautiful blend of functionality and richness that can enhance various craft beer styles. Its recognition among the craft brewing community is highly merited, attributed to its unique characteristics and quality.

In summary, the Voyager Malts - Veloria is meticulously crafted to meet and exceed the needs of craft beer brewers and enthusiasts. With its splendid head retention, golden colour, and versatile flavour profile featuring a rich toasted honey sweetness, this malt offers top-tier brewing performance. Make your brewing process effortless and efficient with this premium malt and create delicious brews with a distinct profile. It's time to elevate your brewing game; embrace the Voyager Malts - Veloria. Your pale ales will never be the same.

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